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Noosa Stories is a weekly community podcast and a place where business, beach, and community meet.
Every week podcast host Yenny Stromgren shares inspiring stories of people in the Noosa Shire, of how and why they got here, what they do, challenges they faced moving to Noosa and how they have reinvented themselves to be able to stay in this paradise. A show for the Noosa local and Noosa holiday makers:)

Noosa Stories Website

Jun 22, 2018

In May of 2015, banking executive Darron Eastwell took the bike ride of his life. In fact, it almost ended his life. He started the day with a goodbye kiss for his wife and ended that same day in an Intensive Care Unit with severe and lifelong injuries. That day, Darron joined millions of others worldwide as a traumatic brain injury survivor. This is his story not just about TBI, but also about family and the importance of using goal setting and gratitude towards recovery.


Darron Eastwells website